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There is nothing easy about navigating the complex waters of starting your own staffing agency when you're just an independent recruiter or business owner hoping to build a successful company.  However, with the right training and direction your path to staffing success can be made quite a bit more smooth.

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First, it is important to make sure that your staffing agency is in full compliance with the local, state and federal laws that govern the jurisdiction in which the agency is based.  This means filling out all the correct paperwork and paying administrative fees to proper authorities.  In particular, you will need to make sure you have the correct license for the type of staffing agency you intend to operate.  For example, a medical staffing agency may have a different set of licensing requirements from that of a construction staffing agency.

There are also issues related to insurance and liability that must be met in order to operate legally and in good standing with employers.  To learn more about the various types of insurances that may be required you can contact your local small business authority and a reputable insurance agent.

Once the foundation for your staffing agency is in place, you can move on to other responsibilities like marketing, sales, and, of course, finding workers who can placed in temporary staffing assignments for the benefit of both the worker and the agency.  Identifying candidates who may eventually become workers on your payroll is typically done through local marketing and networking.  The more employment opportunities you can provide to you workers, the more they will tell others about your ability to obtain suitable employment.

One of the key challenges that most staffing agency business owners face is being able to fund the salaries or hourly wages of their temporary workers, while they wait for employers to pay the agency for the services of the workers.  It is common, for example, to have a situation where your workers are scheduled to get paid on a certain day (say, Friday afternoon), but the company where they performed their work has not yet paid the agency for the hours.  This can create a cash-flow problem if the agency is underfunded.

While these common obstacles do exist, there are also potential rewards that also exist when the agency is funded and managed properly.  When the right combination of qualified workers, effective marketing and operations are brought together, an agency can produce a substantial profit for its owners and investors.  If you are interested in starting your own staffing agency, our web site is part of a family of training sites that offer a complete training package on how to start your own recruitment staffing agency.

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