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Independent recruiters and staffing consultants are hoping that 2016 will be a year full of new opportunities for making employee placements.  With a little help from the U.S. economy, many independent providers of recruiting and staffing services are confident that their businesses are positioned for growth.

One of the advantages that independent providers have today that they did not in previous years is easier access to job orders and split placement opportunities that can be found online.  More and more, hiring companies and recruitment firms are using the web to expand their client networks and create greater recognition of their brand or business name.

In particular, temporary staffing firms are using web-based tools that are helping to streamline their business operations.  Tools including applicant tracking systems and contact management databases are making things run more smoothly for many staffing providers.

Recruiting and staffing providers are also benefiting from new capabilities to build a technical infrastructure for their basis's without having to pay thousands of dollars for a major implementation.  Web-based applications specifically for temporary staffing enable business owners to oversee all aspects of their staffing operation from worker's daily hours to client relationship management.

For independent recruiters who are starting their own recruiting business in 2016, the conditions may be right for an economic recovery that includes an increase in hiring.  If that happens, and a noticeable decline in unemployment occurs, you count on recruiters to work harder than ever to build relationships with their valued client companies. 

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