Start Staffing Recruitment Agency
Start Staffing Recruitment Agency

Our top priority at Staffing Agent is to offer tools, training and online resources that can be valuable when starting your own staffing and recruitment agency.  Whether home or office-based, the owner of a staffing and recruitment agency will have a variety of considerations related to their business structure, recruiting methods and related.  The purpose of the Staffing Agent web site is to offer helpful information that will give you greater confidence and strategic direction as you move forward with starting your own staffing and recruitment agency.  Call us to request sample video clips from our training DVDs or simply look up our recruiter training videos on You Tube.   Recruiter Training Program   Become a Contract Recruiter  Negotiate Salary Job Offer  Recruiter Exchange Training Temporary Staffing Business    Top 10 Internet Recruiting

Order The Complete Recruiter Training Package with our Special Offer $200 Discount(The retail price for this professional training package is $495, but we are running our popular $200 special offer discount for a limited time only.  Special offer price $295.  Package features our lead trainig DVDs "The Complete System On Achieing Success in Recruiting & Staffing" and "No Cold Call Recruiting", plus 4 audio CDs on recruiting and The Complete Set of Recruiting & Staffing Fee Agreements.)

Order The Complete Recruiter Training Package including 60 Days of Business Coaching with our Special Offer $200 Discount. (The retail price for this professional training package with 60 days of one-to-one business coaching is $795, but we are running our popular $200 special offer discount for a limited time only.  Special offer price $595.  Business Coaching is done by both telephone and email and is customized to meet the goals of your business.)

Call us at (702) 460-2727 to order by telephone or ask any questions.  We will be glad to assist you.  Thank you!

 training program on how to start a staffing agency Learn how to start your own staffing agency or recruiting business with our comprehensive training package featuring 2 recruiter training DVDs, 4 audio CDs and an attorney-reviewed set of recruiting and staffing fee agreements.

 independent recruiter staffing agent Become an Independent Recruiter with your own recruiting and staffing business at home.  Why share your hard-earned placement fees with your boss?  Learn how to provide recruiting and staffing services as an independent agent.

 recruiter exchange for direct hire and split placements Use the latest technology in staffing and recruitment with the web's top Recruiter Exchanges.  Make direct placements for both staffing and permanent placement, as well as split placements with other recruiting firms and staffing agencies.

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